The 10th Winter Agriculture Expo to Open on January 23

Updated : 2019-01-22Source : Changchun Daily
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The 10th Jilin (Changchun) Winter Agriculture Expo will be held at the Changchun Agri-Expo Park from January 23 to February 11, according to the news released by the Information Office of Changchun Municipal People’s Government at the Press Conference Series for the Spring Festival of 2019.


The theme of the forthcoming exposition is “Quality, Brand, New Spring, Auspiciousness and Harmony”. In line with the concept of “Developing Facility Agriculture, Highlighting Green Color in Winter, Promoting Spring Festival Custom and Culture and Creating Festive Atmosphere”, the agricultural science and technology, ice and snow tourism, the features and customs of Spring Festival will be highlighted. The event is expected to become a gala for sightseeing, leisure and shopping. It will also be a festival for popularizing the role models of facility agriculture, and a joyful, green agricultural fair to demonstrate the unique charm of Changchun known as Spring City in Northeast China and meanwhile enrich the cultural life of citizens and farmers during the Spring Festival.


The work of investment attraction, exhibition booth installment has now been completed. Inside the 60,000 square-meter greenhouse, there is an area totaling 6,400 square meters for displaying and selling thousands of green, high-quality agricultural products, foods, crafts, light industrial products including traditional Spring Festival necessities, mountainous treasures, famous wine and tea products, root carvings, ornaments and toys. The 200-meter extension in the middle of the greenhouse is said to be highlighted by all kinds of delicious. The handicraft section will provide a visual feast for the audience experience craftsmanship and aesthetics.


During the exposition, there will be “shuttle buses” to serve the passengers from the Agri-Expo Park Stop of Light Rail to the exposition site and from the south to the north inside the park. In the meantime, a parking lot will be opened to make it more convenient for the citizens to join the exposition.