Changchun Council for the Promotion of International Trade Actively Advances Economic and Trade Cooperation with Russia

Updated : 2024-04-01Source :
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On March 25, Director Li Long and Project Department Director Yang Junqi from the CIS Business Work Committee of the China-Europe Association for Technical and Economic Cooperation paid a return visit to the Changchun Council for the Promotion of International Trade. President Chen Dezhi and other council members met with them for discussions, reaching a preliminary agreement on a series of cooperation intentions.
Firstly, the Changchun Chamber of International Commerce and the Committee signed a strategic cooperation agreement to provide necessary support for multi-level economic and trade personnel exchanges and interactions among governments, business associations, and enterprises by giving full play to their respective strengths. The cooperation aims to facilitate enterprise participation in domestic and international exhibitions and promote economic and technical exchanges.
Secondly, a special training meeting on promoting foreign trade was held by the Changchun Council for the Promotion of International Trade. Yang Junqi, with extensive experience in Sino-Russian economic and trade affairs, delivered a lecture on "Sino-Russian Trade Practice and Risk Prevention". More than 110 people including staff of the Council and representatives from over 80 member enterprises of Changchun Chamber of International Commerce and foreign trade-related enterprises in Changchun attended the meeting. Following the meeting, nearly 20 enterprises sought consultations on related trade issues and received satisfactory answers, fostering a vibrant atmosphere.
Thirdly, negotiations were conducted on upcoming collaborative economic and trade activities, with unanimous agreement to seek suitable opportunities to promote Changchun's high-quality enterprises and products, utilize resources in Russia, and facilitate supply-demand connections during the process of "going global" and "bringing in", thereby achieving mutually beneficial progress.