Public Notice on the Proposed Establishment of Changchun Automotive Vocational and Technical University

Updated : 2023-05-23Source : CCFAO
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In accordance with the Higher Education Law of the People's Republic of China, Vocational Education Law, the Standards for the Establishment of Undergraduate Vocational Schools (Trial), and other relevant provisions, it is proposed to approve the establishment of Changchun Automotive Vocational and Technical University on the basis of Changchun Automobile Industry Institute by integrating relevant resources. This notice is hereby issued for public scrutiny from May 19 to May 25, 2023.

During the announcement period, if you have any objections, please submit them in writing to the Education Department of Jilin Province. If objections are submitted on behalf of a unit, the written objection materials must be stamped with the official seal of the unit and include the contact person's name, address, and telephone number. If objections are submitted by individuals, please sign with your real name and provide your ID number, employer, mailing address, and telephone number. The units and individuals who submit objections will be strictly confidential. Anonymous objections or objections submitted after the deadline will not be accepted.




Address: Development and Planning Office of the Education Department of Jilin Province, No. 1485, Renmin Street, Changchun City, Jilin Province

Postcode: 130051

Tel: 0431-88905801


Education Department of Jilin Province

May 19, 2023