2023 Beijing Promotion Meeting on Changchun Rice and Fresh Corn Held

Updated : 2023-03-16Source : CCFAO
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On March 13, the 2023 Beijing Promotion Meeting on Changchun Rice and Fresh Corn, organized by Changchun Municipal People's Government and undertaken by Changchun Municipal Bureau of Food and Strategic Reserves was held at the People's Daily New Media Building. By strengthening the brand building and enhancing the brand value, Changchun promotes its rice and fresh corn brands and leads the high-quality, special and healthy rice and fresh corn produced in Changchun to the dining tables of more people.

With the unique quality of "softness, elasticity, smoothness and delicacy", the rice has become Changchun's "white gold visiting card"; with the distinctive features of "sweetness, glutinousness, crispiness, tenderness and freshness", the fresh corn has become Changchun's "gold visiting card". At the promotion meeting, Changchun introduced in detail the ecological, industrial and brand advantages of Changchun rice and Changchun fresh corn. Also, the relevant persons in charge from the Changchun Municipal Bureau of Food and Strategic Reserves said that by the government promotion, project leading, innovation drive, market orientation, policy incentives and brand guidance, Changchun has gradually formed a new rice industry cluster and corn industry cluster. At present, Changchun boasts 314 registered rice processing enterprises, with the annual processing capacity of more than 5 million tons, and it possesses a number of well-known rice brands; the annual output of fresh corn has reached about 1 billion ears. Meanwhile, China National Association of Grain Sector has awarded Changchun "China's City of Quality Polished Round-grained Rice", Dehui "China's Town of Quality Komachi Rice", and Gongzhuling "China's Corn Town".

Through this promotion meeting, Changchun will build a bridge for the external communication of Changchun's rice and fresh corn industry and enhance the awareness, reputation and market competitiveness of the brands, so as to achieve the complementary advantages of the production areas and selling areas as well as promote the success of the brands, strengthening of the industry, increase in farmers' income and better performance of the businesses.

Also, at the promotion meeting, Beijing Xinfadi Market Center and many other enterprises signed strategic cooperation agreements with Changchun City Rice Association, Jilin Province Agricultural Sister-in-law Food Co., Ltd. and other companies and institutions, and a cooperation mechanism of interconnection and mutual benefits has been established.

According to statistics, Changchun has participated in or held more than 70 publicity and promotion and food production and marketing cooperation events in nearly 30 large and medium cities across the country, and the brand awareness and influence have been enhanced significantly.