Macau industrial and commercial group experienced the red culture in Changchun

Updated : 2023-03-16Source : CCFAO
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In this afternoon, the "Beijing-Changchun Industrial and Commercial Delegation of Macau Young Entrepreneurs" visited the Former Site Museum of Changchun Film Studio and FAW Hongqi Culture Exhibition Hall to experience the profound red culture of Changchun.

After the noon, Changchun saw a timely snow. The group walked into the Former Site Museum of Changchun Film Studio with excitement to learn about the legend of Changchun Film Studio and experience the charm of the films and the glorious history of the Chinese film industry under the detailed explanation of the explainers. As the first film studio after the founding of new China, Changchun Film Studio is known as "the cradle of the films of new China", and it has completed the shooting of over 900 feature films, such as The White-haired Girl, Battle On Shangganling Mountain, Third Sister Liu and Heroic Breed.

At the FAW Hongqi Culture Exhibition Hall, the group visited the birthplace of the first automobile in new China and viewed the cultural relics, models, pictures and real objects to learn about the over-60-year history of the Hongqi brand and the story of China's first national car brand, and they got deep experience of the great influence of "Made in China" in the development of modern manufacturing industry. Afterwards, the group went to the production line of Hongqi Prosperity Plant to get a closer look at the automated assembly process of the new-type automobiles of Hongqi.

Huang Shengxiong, Honorary Head of the delegation, said that Macao, as an international metropolis, can make full use of its advantages of "one center, one platform and one base" to connect China with the international community, so as to promote mutual cooperation between the cultures of Changchun and Macao and the automobile enterprises of the two places and boost the Chinese enterprises to go to the international market.