Macau industrial and commercial group attended the Changchun Negotiation Meeting to seek business opportunities

Updated : 2023-03-15Source : CCFAO
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The "Beijing-Changchun Industrial and Commercial Delegation of Macao Young Entrepreneurs" went to the Changchun China- South Korea City Museum this afternoon and attended the Changchun-Macao Economic, Trade and Cultural Exchange and Cooperation Docking Negotiation Meeting. Wu Huawei, Deputy Head of the delegation, said that as the cloud of Covid-19 pandemic is cleared, the economic and social development of Changchun and Macao will gradually recover, and the personnel exchanges between the two places will be increasingly closer. He believed that the cooperation between Changchun and Macao enjoys broad prospects.

He pointed out that this personal visit to Changchun for investigation, exchanges and study is a good opportunity for Macau entrepreneurs to get deeper understanding of Changchun. He also encouraged more businesses and institutions in Changchun to seize the opportunities brought by Macao's industrial optimization and upgrading and the development of Guangdong-Macao In-Depth Cooperation Zone in Hengqin and make good use of Macao's advantages and China's preferential policy for Macao, so as to promote mutual benefits and win-win outcomes and jointly advance the development of emerging industries.

Xue Wenge, Vice Chairman of Changchun Municipal Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference, said there is a huge space for future cooperation between Changchun and Macao in industries, economy and trade, culture and other areas. Changchun is the base of North Pharmaceuticals, with rich resources of traditional Chinese medicine, and Macao enjoys the preferential policies in drug registration. The cooperation between the two places will surely push the traditional Chinese medicine industry to be stronger. In terms of tourism, Changchun boasts advanced snow and ice economy. In the future, the two places can exchange tourists and complement each other's advantages to jointly promote the development of tourism and leisure industry.