The Industry Plan of "Changchun Pharmaceutical Valley" Is Released, and the Signing Project of Academicians and the Institute of Changchun New Area Has Been Launched

Updated : 2023-01-18Source : CCFAO
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On January 12, Changchun New Area held a press conference on the industrial plan and policies of "Changchun Pharmaceutical Valley", and released the industrial plan of "Changchun Pharmaceutical Valley" and Changchun New Area Policies for Promoting the High-quality Development of "Changchun Pharmaceutical Valley". The entrepreneurship project of four academicians, Wang Erkang, Xia Xianzhu, Jin Ningyi and Chen Xuesi, and the Beihu Innovation Park project of the Institute of Applied Chemistry have been landed in Changchun New Area.

The constructions of "Changchun Pharmaceutical Valley" and the "Main Engine of Medicine and Health Corridor in Jilin Province" are important carriers for Changchun New Area to foster a "strong province of medicine" and support the construction of an innovative Jilin Province. Changchun New Area will expand the industrial track, strengthen the stability and controllability of the industrial chain, and create a "363" industrial development pattern as a whole. The creation of a new industrial development pattern of "one core, three zones and multiple parks" will be highlighted. A diversified medical and health industry system will be built. Changchun will strive to achieve an industrial scale of more than RMB 100 billion, gather more than 1,000 pharmaceutical enterprises, and build a leading area for the innovation and development of the national biomedical industry, an advanced development demonstration area of the biomedical industry in northern China, and a core area of biomedical industry agglomeration development in Jilin Province through five years of efforts.

The entrepreneurship project of four academicians signed this time covers related fields of functional materials, biomedicine, inspection and monitoring, advanced biological product research and development, among others. Through the linkage with the academicians, it is expected to realize the synergy between talent agglomeration and industrial development, progress of talent growth and industrial promotion in the same direction, and the mutual development of the city and talents. The signing of Beihu Innovation Park of the Institute of Applied Chemistry will cultivate new growth poles in the future as a high-level innovation platform, and boost Changchun New Area to extend the industrial chain, enhance the value chain as well as enable the innovation chain.