15 Projects with a Total Investment over RMB 20 Billion Settled in Jiutai District, Changchun

Updated : 2022-09-21Source : CCFAO
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On September 18, fifteen autumn investment promotion projects with large investment scales, long industrial chains and positive social benefits were signed in a centralized way in Jiutai District, Changchun, covering food processing, new energy, medical healthcare, vocational education, modern agriculture, and multiple other industrial fields, with a total investment of over RMB 20 billion.

"Among the 15 successfully signed major projects such as 'City of cheese in China' and Jilin Tannoy, up to 93% are industrial projects. This is sure to add strong power to Jiutai's creation of modern characteristic industrial clusters." said a relevant responsible person in Jiutai District. He said Jiutai will continue paying great attention to the construction of business environment and providing the best services for enterprise development and project construction to help realize the early project production and effect achievement.

From this year on, Jiutai District will insist on controlling COVID-19 while safely stabilizing economic development. It will implement the "1728" program and take investment promotion as an important factor in stabilizing economic growth. Between January and August, the entire district has had 86 new negotiated, signed and settled projects of over RMB 50 million, with an estimated investment of RMB 94.753 billion. Wherein, there are 45 negotiated projects, 23 signed projects and 18 settled projects, marking a fruitful outcome of investment promotion.

Jiutai District has established a firm concept of "based on projects". Centering on the provincial Party committee's "one pillar and six pairs" high-quality development strategy and Changchun's "six cities linkage" deployment requirements, it takes investment promotion as the important mean of stabilizing economic growth, focuses on the annual objective, and utilizes the advantages of "one district and four parks" as well as Jiuxi New District industrial cluster platform, and focuses on the five major leading industries to create new advantages of investment promotion. A special working team is established to overall break down the tasks of investment promotion. Involved units implement the main leadership responsibility system based on guarantees of district-level leaders. For each key project under discussion, the research of promotional measures is carried out in an in-depth way. Inventory-based management is implemented to specify staged goals and schedule requirements, inverted schedule of working period and schedule. With all the methods above, project negotiation, signing and settlement are fully promoted, making Jiutai a place for entrepreneurs to display their talent, start businesses and make achievements.