FAW's Brand New Hongqi H5-FCEV Successfully Goes off the Trial Production LineRecently

Updated : 2022-07-28Source : CCFAO
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, the trial production of FAW's first brand-new Hongqi H5 fuel cell vehicle was completed at the FAW General R&D Institute. More than 20 members of project team at the R&D Institute attended the off-line ceremony, witnessing this important moment.

The new Hongqi H5 fuel cell vehicle is equipped with the second-generation fuel cell engine independently developed by the powertrain department. The engine largely adopts advanced modular and lightweight design concepts, with a volume specific power density of 694 W/L, 40% higher than the previous generation, and a rated power of 65 kW, achieving a fast cold start at -30 ℃ and reaching a leading level in China.

It is understood that in the trial production process, the project team made every effort to overcome the difficulties brought by the rapid increase of product projects and the COVID-19, and even accelerated on the fuel cell track. The first vehicle program achieved data freeze 15 days earlier, A prototype data freeze 30 days earlier, 7 days earlier than the original plan to complete the vehicle trial production.

As an important R&D strength of China FAW Group, the powertrain department of FAW General R&D Institute actively responds to the national development strategy of hydrogen energy and fuel cells, and puts a lot of efforts into the technology and application in the field of hydrogen fuel vehicles. The successful trial production of the brand-new Hongqi H5 fuel cell vehicle marks the important progress of Hongqi new energy vehicle in the field of hydrogen fuel cells.