FAW Jiefang Changchun Base has Fully Resumed Production

Updated : 2022-05-10Source : CCFAO
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According to FAW Jiefang, after two weeks of research and trial, production capacity training and disease prevention measures refinement, as from May 2nd the majority of FAW Jiefang employees have been commuting to work “point-to-point,” the Chungchun Base has been ramped up to full operation, and production has completely resumed.


To ensure safety after work and production resumption, FAW Jiefang has rolled out a number of scientifically planned measures in response to risks such as personnel entry and logistic support. FAW Jiefang has planned fifteen standardized scenarios for the restoration of production including sealed-off accommodation, transportation, nucleic acid testing and emergency responses, as well as defining and devising over a hundred other disease prevention measures. Policies and measures executed include improving “point-to-point” commuting service for employees, implementing grid management of offices, installing devices for facial recognition and automatic temperature measurement at entrances, persisting in daily nucleic acid testing and antigen detection for employees on duty, etc., so as to ensure the safety of work and production resumption and to realize uninterrupted operation and accelerated production.


FAW Jiefang also exploits its own “digital intelligence” capability to help return production in a scientific and orderly manner. On restoration of production, in order to minimize physical contact between office staffs and to actualize “digitally manage” tracking of personal movement, FAW Jiefang has launched online applications related to point-to-point commuting to work, online catering, dormitory administration management, nucleic acid testing, etc., and upgraded other applications such as grid punch cards and disease map. Other functions have also been expanded, including regional management, abnormal track notification, configuration of work and home commuting locations, abnormal commuting hours notification, etc. In addition, by linking smart card and facial recognition data, the company has realized full-spectrum monitoring and control, from track recording to track analysis. As of May 3rd, employees have clocked in at the grid a total of more than 500,000 times.


In order to foster the safe and orderly resumption of work and production and to “make up for the time lost,” FAW Jiefang has undertaken various measures such as devising production capacity expansion plan, organizing all units in the factory to perform dynamic investigation of conditions such as personnel, resources and production capacity, and allocating resources in a reasonable fashion;  accurately identifying risk spots, formulating prevention and control measures for incoming vehicles and cargos, complete disinfection of inbound parts, and safeguarding entry of supplies before production; and formulating a “point-to-point,” whole-process, closed-loop management scheme for transportation capacity, overcoming numerous challenges in completing the delivery of emergency orders, and guaranteeing the delivery capacity of commercial vehicles during this special period.


At the same time, FAW Jiefang actively assists work and production restoration of suppliers in the Changchun, offering “guaranteed door-to-door delivery” service to understand each and every supplier with regard to logistics, personnel and other related conditions, coordinating concerned departments to assess risks, and adjusting plans scientifically to ensure supply chain safety and stability. Thus far, major FAW Jiefang suppliers have all returned to 100% production and operation.