Successful Launch of the Eight Jilin-1 Satellites

Updated : 2022-05-11Source : CCFAO
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At 10:38 on May 5th, China successfully launched a total of eight satellites, including Jilin-1 wide-swath 01C satellite and Jilin-1 high-resolution 03D27-33 satellites. A Long March 2-D Carrier Rocket with the satellite payload lifted off from the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center, and thereafter the satellites successfully entered the predetermined orbit, concluding the mission in complete success.


The Jilin-1 wide-swath 01C satellite was independently developed by Chang Guang Satellite Technology Co. Ltd., (CGSTL). The satellite fully inherits the proven technology of Jilin-1 wide-swath 01A/B satellite, with a swath width of greater than 150 kilometers, providing users with image products at a resolution of 0.5 meters in full color and two meters in multispectral mode. The satellite is known for features including high resolution, wide field of view, large storage and high-speed data transmission.


On April 30th, Chang Guang Satellite Technology successfully launched five Jilin-1 satellites, another major breakthrough attained within a week. The eight satellites launched this time will be networking with the other 46 Jilin-1 satellites already in orbit. To date, the number of Jilin-1 satellites in orbit has increased to 54, and this Jilin-1 constellation can revisit any spot on Earth 17 to 20 times a day, providing richer remote sensing data and more product services for use in sectors including agriculture, forestry, ocean engineering, natural resources, environmental protection, urban construction and scientific experiments.


This mission is the 19th launch of the Jilin-1 satellite program.