Jing Junhai and Han Jun Met with Investment Delegation of China Resources Group

Updated : 2022-05-10Source : CCFAO
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On May 7th, Jing Junhai, Provincial Party Committee Secretary, together with Han Jun, Provincial Party Committee Deputy Secretary and Governor, met with the visiting investment delegation led by Han Yuewei, Vice General Manager of China Resources Group and Chairperson of Board of Directors of China Resources Pharmaceutical Group in Changchun.

Jing Junhai and Han Jun extended their sincere welcome to Han Yuewei and the delegation, and expressed heartfelt gratitude to the China Resources Group for its ardent support in helping Jilin Province combat the COVID pandemic. Jing Junhai pointed out that in face of the sudden outbreak in March, the entire province of Jilin, under the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at the core, has been steadfastly upholding the people-first and safety-first principle, and adhering resolutely to the general policy of “dynamic clearing.” With the province-wide coordination of operational resources, with cities (prefectures) as the operational platform, with counties (cities and districts) as operational entities and the communities as the operational units, government officials were mobilized extensively to engage in fighting against COVID at the frontline. Together with the full deployment of traditional Chinese medicine in the whole process of prevention, treatment and rehabilitation, initial results in dealing with the challenges have been achieved. At the first instant subsequent to Changchun being downgraded to low-risk zone, CR Group immediately seized the opportunity to come to Jilin to foster liaison and cooperation, thoroughly demonstrating the determination to invest in Jilin and fully embodying CR’s commitment of fulfilling the social responsibilities of a central state-owned enterprise. It is the genuine wish of the CR Group to establish with Jilin a future-oriented, forwarding-looking and harmonious cooperative relationship, with focus on ginseng, medicine, mineral water, new energy, urban construction and other key areas to further improve investment and speed up project construction, so as to attain greater achievements, mutual benefit and win-win outcome at ever higher levels for all parties.

Han Yuewei and other members of the investment delegation expressed their determination to implement the cooperation agreement between Jilin Province and China Resources Group, continue to expand investment in Jilin based on the province’s advantages, promote planning and advance collaboration projects to help Jilin cultivate new drivers of high-quality development, so as to make greater contribution to Jilin’s progress in achieving dual victories in disease prevention and control, and socio-economic development.