North Lake Biotech Platform Recognized “Functionally Strong”

Updated : 2022-01-11Source : CCFAO
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Changchun Nibo Biotech Co., Ltd. is engaged in the research and development of tumor diagnostic reagents. What the company often does is testing. In the past, it encountered many difficulties caused by insufficient funds. “Generally speaking, big scientific research instruments and equipment are too expensive for such companies that are at initial stage of entrepreneurship,” said the leader of Nibo Biotech Co., Ltd., adding, “A few years ago, we would have to collaborate for testing with a laboratory in Beijing. It makes cost high and meanwhile takes time. However, things have now been changed since our partnership was established with the North Lake Biotech Public Service Platform of Jilin Province, cost reduced, development efficiency improved and competitiveness strengthened.” 

“Our focus on the development of biomedical industry and the creation of such platform for shared service is meant to make more good sci-tech achievements transformed to facilitate the rapid development of more small and micro-sized sci-tech enterprises,” said the leader of the North Lake Biotech Platform. 

There is much to say about the North Lake Biotech Platform. It is a domestically first-class public service platform for entrepreneurship and innovation jointly built by the Jilin Provincial Department of Science and Technology, Changchun New Area and Changchun Beihu Science and Technology Park, covering a land area of 10,000 square meters and nearly 100 sets of instruments and equipment. It has attracted more than 90 enterprises for settlement or incubation, with a rental rate of 90%. It has so far put several hi-tech enterprises including Changchun Chenyu Biomedical, Jilin Aowei Biomedical and Kangzhuang Pharmaceutical in high gear from development. 

“Focusing on the introduction, evaluation, cultivation and recommendation of innovative and entrepreneurial projects, we have integrated sci-tech resources, improved the level of platform environment, improved various service systems, promoted cooperative transfer of various projects and completed the transformation of sci-tech achievements. We feel proud to see enterprises out of incubation here, growing from small to big and from weak to strong.” 

The North Lake Biotech Platform has established a long-term partnership with the local scientific research institutes and higher learning institutions, with instrument resources worth nearly RMB80 million integrated, substantial achievements made in cooperation with famous service providers, universities and research institutes, and such platforms established for molecular biology, cell biology, microbiology, protein and antibody technology and other professional technology to meet the professional demands of enterprises for incubation. In terms of its service system, the Beihu Biotech Platform has provided service of introduction, cultivation and recommendation and preferential policy Changbai Intelligent Valley for high-caliber leading talents. 

The platform is said to continue to work hard on entrepreneurial incubation, talent cultivation, entrepreneurial investment and common sharing of sci-technological instruments so as to strive to develop into a provincial biomedical flagship incubator, cultivate a number of leading enterprises with industrial influence at home and abroad, and thus make the platform a center for incubation and transformation of sci-tech achievements.