Smart Minibus of Hongqi Trial Operation Started in Beijing

Updated : 2022-01-11Source : CCFAO
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Streamlined body, seamless car body side, U-shaped integrated tail light and color design of black and blue as a whole... The smart minibuses of Hongqi under trial operation at the Beijing Nanhaizi Park had attracted the attention of both local citizens and tourists. 

The Nanhaizi Park is located in Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone, with a total reception area of more than 11 square kilometers, including space for automatic driving. It is an intelligent connected park integrating science and technology as well as entertainment and interaction for the public. 

As FAW’s first L4 automatic model for mass production, the smart minibus highlights the adoption of multi-sensor integration, and high precision positioning through V2X technology. It has a multiple perception and braking system, which in turn will make such minibus in service free from being affected by unfavorable weathers and signal connections. The sensor devices such as lidar and camera can perceive and judge whether there are obstacles within 100 meters ahead. The automatic driving controller can ensure automatic and safe driving at a speed of less than 15km/h in the park. 

Insiders say demonstrative driving has been completed at the headquarters of FAW, the demonstration zones and summer resorts in North China before the trial operation in Beijing which is expected to further make such model more popular and recognized by more passengers.