Price of Consumer Goods in Changchun Rose 0.2% Year-on-Year and Dropped 0.5% Month-on-Month in September

Updated : 2021-10-25Source : CCFAO
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According to a survey of Changchun City by the National Bureau of Statistics on October 20, consumer price of Changchun rose by 0.2% year-on-year in September, of which food price dropped 5.4%, non-food price rose 1.4%, price for consumer goods slid 0.9%, while price for services climbed 1.7%. 

Changchun's consumer price decreased 0.5% month-on-month in September, of which food price tumbled 2.0%, non-food price fell 0.2%, price for consumer goods slumped 0.6%, while price for services was down 0.3%.   

In terms of the price of various kinds of goods and services on a yearly basis, the prices of food, tobacco and alcohol dropped 3.9% in September, which caused a fall of the CPI (consumer price index) by about 1.02 percentage points. Among food products, the price of eggs soared 14.6%, which caused a rise in CPI by about 0.09 percentage points; the price of cooking oil jumped 12.6%, which caused a climb in the CPI by about 0.07 percentage points; the price of aquatic products increased 6.2%, which caused an uptick in CPI by about 0.09 percentage points; livestock and meat prices were down 22.2%, and contributed 0.89 percentage points to a decline in CPI, of which the price of pork plunged 47.3%, contributing 0.77 percentage points to the downtrend in CPI; the price of fresh vegetable dropped 9.2%, which caused a fall in CPI by about 0.17 percentage points; the price of fresh fruit was down by 5.6%, which caused a dive in CPI by about 0.14 percentage points.  

Among the prices of the other seven categories, four increased and three decreased year-on-year. Of which, transportation and communication, education, culture and entertainment, medical care and housing rose by 7.2%, 3.7%, 0.4% and 0.1% respectively, while the prices of other supplies and services, clothing and daily necessities and services were respectively lower by 3.7%, 1.0% and 1.0%.