Ten Cultural Symbols of Changchun City Unveiled

Updated : 2021-09-10Source : CCFAO
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The list of top ten cultural symbols of Changchun City was unveiled through the collection and selection sponsored by the Publicity Department of the CPC Changchun Municipal Committee. After application, public voting and expert evaluation, FAW HQ, Changchun Film Studio, People’s Street, Jingyue Lake, Changchun World Sculpture Park, Jilin University, Culture Square, Imperial Palace of the Puppet Manchurian State, Yitong River and Modern Poetry Park were selected. 

The event was started on June 25, and more than 500 videos, pictures and paintings were collected, covering such cultural elements as symbolic public field, tourist attraction, architectural classic, characteristic block, park and square, and artistic sign highlighting the rich cultural connotation of Changchun City. 

Taking into consideration the recognition of these cultural elements in the eyes of local citizens, the correlation with the city’s development, and whether such elements can represent and help publicize to reinforce the soft power of the city, 20 symbols were shortlisted. On August 16, public voting was opened through such channels as Wechat and “Changchun plus” App. In just one week, the total number of public votes exceeded 200,000. 

On September 3, expert evaluation was started. The experts included Jin Renshun, Cao Baoming, , Ren Bai, Zhao Peiguang, Zheng Xiaohui, Zhang Qingxiu, Yang Hongyou and Fan Min. Some experts believe that looking for cultural symbols of historical, sustainable and unique significance can reflect the value and spirit of the city and meanwhile better sort out the characteristics of the city and increase the sense of belonging of citizens. Some experts suggest that the selection be taken as to chance to explore the cultural symbols of the city, culturally unique and widely recognized with influence. The members of judge panel also need to reach a consensus on the cultural value and function of such symbols in terms of reinforcing the soft power of the city. The list was made with expertise and public votes.