Medicine Forum: Intelligent Medical Care Facilitates High-quality Development of Medicine and Health Industries

Updated : 2021-07-22Source : CCFAO
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In the Internet era, medical care has been given more intelligent connotations. How to carry out digital reform and make smart medical service serve the people has become the focus of discussions at the 3rd Global (Changchun) Manufacturing Service Outsourcing Summit-Medicien Forum held Tuesday afternoon on July 20, 20210. The experts and scholars invited to the forum discussed technological innovation and policy evolution in line with the theme of intelligent medical service demand and digital transformation, and jointly planned the high-quality development and cooperation direction and promising vision of medical care and health industries. 

Pandemic control and prevention normalized in China, “COVID-19” remains a hot topic for pharmaceutical industry. At the forum, Sun Le, General Manager of AbMax Biotechnology, Peng Niancai, Founder of Tianlong Science and Technology, and Jiang Chunlai, PhD Supervisor of School of Life Sciences of Jilin University, delivered speeches entitled “COVID-19 Mutation and Vaccine Research and Development”, “For Nucleic Acid Testing, Hi-tech Works” and “Analysis of COVID-19 Vaccine Industry in China” based on which the characteristics and hazards of COVID-19 were analyzed, different kinds of difficulties and challenges about vaccine research, development and production were introduced and the data of current vaccines were analyzed. The experts indicated that the second-generation vaccine should be researched and developed at the earliest possible time to cope with the mutation of the virus. 

As a communications company, what can China Mobile do for pharmaceutical enterprises? “5G can be used to build smart parks, realize smart pharmaceutical making, realize cloud office, realize smart customer service, and reduce costs while increasing efficiency for companies,” said Bi Jiwei, Deputy General Manager of China Mobile Jilin Co., Ltd. in his speech “Digital Transformation of 5G plus AICDE Empowers Medical Industry”. Li Wenbao, who is committed to the research and development of innovative drugs and top-end functional products of BGI-Marine indicated that marine organisms are important resources for the research and development of innovative drugs and functional products. With an introduction to the research and development status and future development trend of marine active substances, Li Wenbao stressed the importance of the development of “blue bank of drugs”. 

The participants also had in-depth discussions on the topics of biotechnology making people and nature healthier, service management for patients after smart hospitalization, improvement of smart medical service quality under the background of Internet of Things, and the status quo and development trend of the third-party independent medical laboratory industry. The guests also had a dialogue on the topic of “innovation in model of intelligent medical care”. Insiders say the wonderful speeches of experts, scholars and guests are of profound significance to Changchun’s effort in building a biomedical and health industry cluster at the level of 100 billion and will therefore play a positive role in the revitalization and development of Changchun City.