Auto Forum: Promote Intelligent, Safe, Green Development of Auto Industrial, Supply Chains

Updated : 2021-07-22Source : CCFAO
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More than 10 elites and experts of automotive technology, data processing and consulting from home and abroad discussed the intelligent, safe, and green development of automotive industrial and supply chains at the Auto Forum of 3rd Global (Changchun) Manufacturing Service Outsourcing Summit on July 20, 2021. 

Chen Guang, Chief Technology Officer of FAW (Nanjing) Technology Development Co., Ltd., indicated that automotive AI is moving towards marketization and commercialization. The interest of major automotive enterprises in AI and their input in research and development are growing. In addition to keeping pace with the research and development of automatic driving technology, FAW has adopted the collaborative development scheme “Ctuise plus Tesla”, and thus made remarkable achievements in providing a good sample for the field of automatic driving. 

Wang Xiaogang, Co-founder of Sense Time, President of Mobile Intelligent Business Group and President of Research Institute, focused on the research, development and application of intelligent vehicles, who believed that intelligent vehicles would become a new carrier of intelligent perceptions and the third living space of users. Therefore, once intelligent technologies are used to perceive users’ needs and explore the value of in-vehicle data, they will bring new growth points. 

The experts from Beijing TAOS Data, Mysoft, Tangux and Tenable China had in-depth discussions on big data application, safe manufacturing, green development, digital empowerment, intelligent service, brand value construction, etc. Though speech fields and emphases are different, the main ideas of the speeches were closely related to the theme of the forum – “intelligent, safe and green development of automobile industrial and supply chains”. The participants expressed their opinions and shared their expertise on how to achieve intelligent, safe and green development while promoting the continuous progress of automobile industry. 

There was also a dialogue session for guests. Presided over by Huang Lilin, Managing Director of Boston Consulting Platinion in Greater China, Zhang Xiang, Researcher of Automobile Innovation and Research Center of North China University of Technology, Xie Qiang, General Manager of Dalian Newtouh, Jin Xiaobo, Vice President of NTT DATA (China) IT Co., Ltd., and Li Jianghua, General Manager of Quanzhou Chino Auto Electronics, shared their expertise on technology upgrading and innovation development of automobile industry.