Comprehensive Utilization of Livestock, Poultry Manures to Go Operational in October

Updated : 2021-06-08Source : CCFAO
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The project comprehensive utilization of livestock and poultry manures invested with RMB220 million is under construction in Changchun Wukeshu Economic Development Zone. Insiders say upon completion in October this year 360,000 tons of livestock and poultry manures and 600,000 tons of waste water can be handled in a year, which in turn will effectively improve the utilization of livestock and poultry manures in the surrounding areas of the development zone. 

The project, a key investment and cooperation practice in Yushu City, covers a land area of 53,000 square meters for such facilities as waste device workshop, organic fertilizer and fermented liquid fertilizer production station, constant oxidation workshop, livestock manure storage warehouse, hydrolysis acidification tank and biochemical pond. After going operational, the annual production capacity of bio-organic fertilizer and fermented liquid fertilizer will reach 100,000 tons and 120,000 tons respectively. The output value is predicted to reach RMB100 million, and hundreds of people will get employed. 

The civil construction of the project has been completed, and the equipment procurement and installation are underway. With the technology of “constant oxidation”, manures and sewages can be fermented within three days. It will mainly deal with solid waste treatment, sewage, waste residue, waste gas treatment engineering and utilization of renewable resources to harvest both environmental and economic benefits. 

In Spring 2021, 12 projects invested with RMB3.019 billion were started in Yushu City for which special teams were established and mobilized to solve the problems hindering the progress of the projects so as to create the best business environment for project construction.