Jing Junhai Meets Academician Deng Zhonghan, Founder, Chief Scientist of Vimicro

Updated : 2021-04-30Source : CCFAO
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Jing Junhai, Secretary of the CPC Jilin Provincial Committee, met with the delegation led by Deng Zhonghan, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Chief Commander of Starlight China Chip Project as well as Founder and Chief Scientist of Vimicro on April 27, 2021. The two sides witnessed the signing of a cooperation agreement between FAW and Vimicro and unveiled the plaque of the Joint Laboratory for Auto Chips. 

“Vimicro is one of Jilin’s good partners. The two sides have carried out effective cooperation in such fields as big data and IoT Video based on which the cooperation between Vimicro and FAW will be of great potential and prospect. We will spare no effort to optimize services and strengthen guarantee to help make the laboratory bigger and stronger with more achievements. It is hoped that Vimicro will thoroughly implement the spirit of the important speeches and instructions made by General Secretary Xi Jinping during his inspection to Jilin, comply with the development trend of automobile industry going electric, intelligent, connected and shared, strengthen in an all-round way practical cooperation with FAW to find out solutions to the core key technologies hindering research, development and design of auto chips, better guarantee the stability of industrial chains and supply chains, continuously improve the industrial ecosystem, and thus promote the vigorous development of modern, new-type automobile and auto parts, electronic information technology industry in Jilin Province, “ said Jing Junhai at the meeting. 

Academician Deng Zhonghan said Vimicro would bring into full play its technological advantage in independent research and development of chips, join hands with FAW to deepen cooperation, accelerate the construction of the laboratory, focus on FAW’s production demand, strengthen chip research, development, design and production, and strive to make the laboratory go operational at the earliest possible time so as to handle the problems of industrial development, help accelerate the realization of China’s independent, controllable goal of auto chips, and contr