Northeast Asian Studies College of Jilin University Unveiled on April 27

Updated : 2021-04-29Source : CCFAO
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The “Unveiling Ceremony of Northeast Asian Studies College of Jilin University and Seminar on Northeast Asian Studies and Talent Training” was held on the central campus of Jilin University on April 27, 2021. With unique foundations and advantages, Jilin University is one of the first universities in China that has been carrying out studies on the countries and regions in Northeast Asia. Back in 1964, Jilin University established research centers on the issues related to Japan and DPRK. In 1994, Jilin University integrated the resources of six institutes and established Northeast Asian Studies College, which opened a new chapter of studies on national and regional issues in Northeast Asia. Over the past 30 years, Northeast Asian Studies College has made remarkable achievements in such aspects as construction of professional teams, scientific research, talent training, international cooperation and exchanges and social service based on which a noticeable progress has been made in the construction of a new think-tank with Chinese characteristics.