Development Fund of RMB10bn Set up to Boost Beef Cattle Industry

Updated : 2021-02-23Source : CCFAO
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The Measures for Promoting the Development of Beef Cattle Industry issued by the General Office of the People’s Government of Changchun City was officially implemented on February 17. 2021. The effort is meant to boost the development of beef cattle industry with 20 specific measures including setting up development fund, facilitating the construction of improved cattle breeding system and encouraging beef cattle breeding innovation. 

According to the Measures for Promoting the Development of Beef Cattle Industry, social capitals are encouraged in setting up the beef cattle industry development fund. Equity investment shall be made in sizeable, intensive and specialized cow and beef cattle breeding bases as well as research and development of beef cattle products, transformation of scientific findings, fast-growing enterprise cultivation and innovation system, talent introduction, beef cattle industrial park, infrastructure construction, industrial chain extension and supporting service industry. A state-owned agricultural investment company shall be founded to invest in particular in beef cattle breeding. 

In addition, priority shall be given to supporting the construction of improved beef cattle breeding system, subsidizing the construction of breeding parks, breeding bases and standardized farms, encouraging transformation of straws, supporting resource transformation of manures, ensuring the use of land for beef cattle farms, carrying out beef cattle insurance, encouraging innovation in beef cattle breeding, promoting investment attraction, facilitating construction of industrial parks, boosting development of beef cattle processing products, supporting development of new beef cattle products, and cultivating new beef cattle business formats. 

By the end of last year, the number of cattle on hand had reached 1,068,000. The goal for this year is to increase to 2,204,000, up 24.9%. During the “14th Five-Year Plan”, an annual amount of no less than RMB100 million but no more than RMB200 million of funds will be arranged for beef cattle industrialization to consolidate the development foundation of beef cattle industry. 

To bring into full play the leading role of flagship animal husbandry enterprises, promote the transformation and upgrading of beef cattle industry and thus boost in an all-round way the development of beef cattle industry, Changchun City has established a leading group for the development of beef cattle industry, started the one million beef cattle project, and improved the planning for beef cattle industry.