Changchun International Automobile Town—In Higher Gear for “Automobile”

Updated : 2021-01-18Source : CCFAO
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“World Class Automobile Industrial Base”, “Green Development Demonstration Area in Metropolitan Changchun”, “Urban-Rural Coordinated Development Demonstration Zone”……Such high orientations of Jilin Province for Changchun International Automobile Town has made Zhang Pijie, Deputy to Changchun Municipal People’s Congress, full of confidence. As an insider in automobile industry, Zhang is looking forward to seeing the development of Changchun International Auto Town, one of the “four plates”, into an internationally renowned auto landmark, a pioneer in smart cities in China, and a livable place for talents. 

According to Zhang Pijie, Changchun International Automobile Town should focus on the development of such leading industries as complete vehicle, spare parts and automotive service, create an internationally influential top-end automobile research, development and production base and a national demonstration area for high-quality development of automobile industry, and thus build up a world-class auto town. The project of complete vehicle is developing as well as expected after settlement. It can be predicted that there will be a significant growth in the production of complete vehicles in the next few years. Based on this, competent government departments should make relevant preferential policies, give more support to key areas, create a complete supply chain covering such core parts as battery, motor, engine and gearbox, develop services for automobile trade, finance, culture and tourism, and make every effort to consolidate, supplement, strengthen and extend the industrial chain so as to enrich the business types and make extra value out of automobile industry. 

“We are not that strong in terms of auto electronics, software and lightweight. So we need to make up for the weak. For this, we need talent solutions. Only in this way can we make automobile industry take root in our city,” said Zhang Pijie, adding, “We should also strengthen independent research and development of key technologies and core parts, and support the healthy development of “little giant” enterprises engaged in basic processing of automobile industry on the basis of realizing technological self-reliance and self-improvement. Automobile production needs comprehensive technology categories. Although these enterprises are small in size, they are indispensable. We should diversity the business types of automobile industry and promote the development of small and medium-sized enterprises.” 

Sun Jinnan, Deputy to Changchun Municipal People’s Congress, indicated that efforts should be put into promoting the cooperation between enterprises and educational institutions, expand the size of training of skilled talents, improve the level of public services, implement one-stop and refined services for talents, attract talents from all over the world, set up a think tank for urban development, and create a domestically top-notch intellectual and technological intensive city. “In terms of training of automobile talents, all schools involved should also pay attention to the combination of theories and practice, the combination of teaching and practical skills of students, streamline theories and enhance practical training while promoting school-enterprise cooperation, making full use of enterprises’ equipment to broaden the training of practical skills for students so that they can learn from enterprises in advance and master more practical knowledge, thereby cultivating more talents with practical skills for the society,” said Sun Jinnan.