Construction of IPR Service Center in Changchun New Area Approved

Updated : 2021-01-11Source : CCFAO
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The construction of IPR Service Center in Changchun New Area was officially approved by the authority in hope of making it a leading role player in the transformation of intellectual properties for such characteristic and advantageous industries as biomedicine and optoelectronic engineering in the whole province.

The center is meant to deal with intellectual properties, serve pillar industries, attract high-quality enterprises, capitals, institutions, and human resources to gather, and interact with the IPR protection centers at provincial and municipal level and the city’s intellectual property court to provide “one-stop” solutions to innovative entities in need and thus speed up the construction of a unique “IPR Ecological Town”.

The center will get integrated into the national intellectual property system “1 + n”, and gradually make Changchun New Area into a big data center for intellectual properties in Northeast Asia, a deal center for intellectual properties in Northeast China, a congregation center for higher learning institutions in Northeast China, and a training center for intellectual properties in (Northeast China) China, thereby providing “one-stop” IPR service for all innovative entities.

Insiders say since settlement the intellectual property court, the first of its kind in Northeast China, has relied on the construction of Changchun National Regional Innovation Center to strengthen the protection of core technologies and innovative achievements in new generation AI, biomedicine, IT and aerospace, and the support for innovation and development of such traditional industries as traditional Chinese medicine. The court will adhere to reform and innovation, actively create a “place” preferred for handling intellectual property disputes, strengthen court construction, and thus boost the high-quality development of intellectual property trial in the province. It has also provided strong judicial service and guarantee for creating a first-class business environment, promoting the implementation of innovation driven strategy, and serving the high-quality development of Jilin Province.