FAW Volkswagen: Deepen V2X R&D, Embrace “New Four Modernizations”

Updated : 2021-01-08Source : CCFAO
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The model Bora 2021, which was just launched not long ago, has so far become a hit in market due to its V2X highlights through which remote positioning, App unlocking, Geo-fence presetting, status checking and travel statistics can be realized.

With the rapid development of IT, automobile has gradually become an important part in people’s life from a travel tool which in turn makes customers demand more for intelligent applications. As automobile technology iterates and transforms from generation to generation, the wave of “new four modernizations” is surging. In response to such new changes, FAW Volkswagen has been putting unremitting efforts into innovative development of technologies and products. The exploration, research and development of V2X is one of FAW Volkswagen’s striving for “innovation”. Its competitiveness in the field of V2X can also be demonstrated by the model of Bora 2021.

Insiders say V2X has also been applied to Magotan and Tayron. In 2020, some 90,000 cars got connected. The system will soon be applied to all MQB models including those of MQB37W. In addition, Jetta’s VS7, VS5 and other models have also been equipped with V2X. So far, 40,000 cars have been connected.

According to Zhao Shiqian, General Manager of MOSI Technology, a joint venture established by FAW-VW and Volkswagen Group China, what is pursued more in today’s car consumption is how much intelligent one can feel when driving. Therefore, a car is hoped to be an extension of scenes to smart home, garage, community, entrance, shopping mall, etc.

To meet such demand for intelligent solutions, FAW Volkswagen does not just superimpose digital technologies and functions on products but integrate digitalization and V2X into mobile travel scenes so that smart sci-tech applications can really be used for driving.

The development of V2X, big data, 5G and other information technologies has brought about new changes to automobile industry. Under such circumstance, FAW Volkswagen has also made innovations in management and operation on the basis of products and services.

From management, production, marketing to post-sale service, FAW-Volkswagen has been striving to renovate so as to bring excellent mobile travel experience to both consumers and car users.