Changchun New Area: New IT Industry Generate Fingers-to-Fist Joint Force

Updated : 2021-01-07Source : CCFAO
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The Huawei Cloud (Changchun) Joint Innovation Center built with Huawei Company has been put into operation, having reinforced and supplemented the industrial chain of IT industry. The “Jilin-1” satellite independently developed by Changguang Satellites was launched into orbit on a platform at sea, which will provide IT services in more fields around the world. Jida Zhengyuan Information Technology Co., Ltd. got listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange, having embarked on a new road of capitals, and entered a new stage of leap-forward development of new-generation IT.

“The aforementioned are vivid footnotes for the rapid development of IT industry in Changchun New Area.,” said a leader of science and technology in Changchun New Area. With the guidance of electronic information manufacturing enterprises and the support of new-generation information technology projects, IT-related sectors in Changchun New Area have formed a joint force, serving as an important platform for the development of IT-related technologies, talents, projects and enterprises in the whole province.

The deep combination of informatization and industrialization demonstrates the strength of “hard science and technology”.

At the China Great Wall (Jilin) Xinchuang Manufacturing Base, several technicians are testing equipment before putting them into production. It mainly produces Great Wall computers, laptops as well as R&D and manufacturing of computers, all-in-one machines and general/special equipment for severs. Upon going operational, it will form an industrial scale of more than RMB3 billion.

In this new era of digital industrialization and industrial digitization, a number of competitive IT companies in Changchun New Area have embarked on a road of rapid development. In 2018 and 2019, Changchun Jiacheng IT Co., Ltd. was awarded “Advanced Unit of National Network Security Protection Evaluation” by the Ministry of Public Security. With such key product “Nonprofit Litigation Big Data Application Platform”, the first its kind featuring such top-notch technologies as “Internet plus”, big data, AI and cloud computing, Changchun Jiacheng IT Co., Ltd. has developed into one of the companies recognized with the most complete computerized qualifications, ranking in a leading position in the field in China.

“During the ‘14th Five-Year Plan’ period, Changchun New Area will give priority to ‘two hands’ to expand industrial scale and build industrial features, ‘two leads’ in innovation ability cultivation and application practice, ‘two promotions’ for introduction of major projects and construction of industrial brands, and ‘two highlights’ for cultivation of both leading enterprises and ‘specialized, exquisite, unique and new’ enterprises,” said the leader of science and technology of Changchun New Area, adding, “Changchun New Area is striving to make a total of more than RMB50 billion output value for IT industry by 2025, increase the number of IT-related enterprises to 500, and create such a new highland that is the strongest in Jilin Province and domestically leading on a national scale for the development of IT industry.