Representatives of FAW-VW Visit CCFAO

Updated : 2020-11-18Source : CCFAO
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Xue Chunzhi, Director General of Changchun Foreign Affairs Office (CCFAO), and Ou Shuo, Deputy Director General of CCFAO, met the delegation led by Xu Shouxiang, Section Chief of Foreign Affairs of FAW-Volkswagen (VW) Co., Ltd. on November 12, 2020.  

At the meeting, Xu Shouxiang extended his thanks and regards for the resolute measures and actions taken by CCFAO after the outbreak of the pandemic to help properly arrange FAW-VW’s returned and in-service foreign employees with high-quality services and humanistic care, saying, “Confronted with the pandemic, your office fully performed your duties and responsibilities, brought into full you’re your functional advantages and mobilized all possible forces to help FAW-VW’s resumption of work and production. What your office did was indeed a contribution to helping enterprises out of difficulties in production and operation and also a demonstration of a good image of government in the new era.” In particular, Xu mentioned that CCFAO opened a fast channel for 351 foreign employees to come in seven batches to China. The number ranked the first among all branches across the country. 

“In the background of building a modern metropolitan area in Changchun City, CCFAO will as always be committed to creating a sound business environment, and continuing to provide help and support to the foreign experts and their families in the city in such aspects as production, life, education and medical care so as to make them feel at home when living and working in Changchun City,” said Xue Chunzhi. 

At the end of the meeting, FAW-VW’s representatives presented a banner and letter of appreciations to CCFAO. 

Among the officials present at the meeting also included the representatives of the Division of German Affairs of CCFAO.