Output Value of Green, Organic Agriculture of Changchun Exceeds RMB40bn

Updated : 2020-11-17Source : CCFAO
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The factory of Lanheba Rice Industry Co., Ltd., located in Yujia Town of Yushu City, has been busy for days in paddy processing. “Our company is a role model for green, organic agriculture in Changchun City. The rice processed by our company is very popular in the market,” said the leader of Lanheba Rice Industry Co., Ltd., adding, “The planting area of green organic rice has reached 100,000 mu, which has benefited more than 6,200 families in seven counties and towns. The rice has now been sold to Beijing, Fujian, Sichuan, Yunnan and other provinces and cities.” 

Green, organic agriculture helps the Rice of Lanheba reach out to the whole country. It is just a miniature of the rapid development of green organic agriculture of Changchun City. During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, the development of green, organic agriculture was taken as an important measure to promote the supply-side structural reform of agriculture and transform the advantages of agricultural resources, production and products into the advantages of quality, brand and efficiency, and thus make a stride forward from a big city of agriculture to a strong one. 

In 2017, the effort in creating a demonstration city for green, organic agriculture was started for which the CPC Changchun Municipal Committee and the People’s Government of Changchun City provided constant policy supports. During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, RMB500 million was earmarked to support by such means as “build first, then subsidized, and subsidy replaced by award” 113 leading enterprises, 77 leisure agriculture and rural tourism demonstration sites to grow bigger and stronger, help 57 cooperatives and 19 family farms develop in a standard way, and 63 local agricultural products create market brands. 

Changchun, the first of its kind nationwide for creating a green, organic agriculture demonstration city, has no one learn from and follow. Due to this, Changchun has made unremitting efforts in innovation and leadership. Dehui’s complete industrial chain for 100 million broiler chicken, Shuangyang’s point-to-point delivery for Guoxin organic vegetables, Jiutai’s characteristic fruit and forest development mode, Gongzhuling’s standardized production and sale of fresh corn, and Chaoyang Strict’s rice-crab farming……Changchun’s effort in creating a demonstration city for green, organic agriculture is progressing in exploration and improving in promotion, with a series of innovative modes made possible to drive the rapid expansion of production size for green, organic agriculture. 

Demonstration zones serve as important carriers for the creation of a demonstration city for green, organic agriculture. In accordance with environmental quality and technical production requirements for green, organic bases, production management and environmental monitoring have been implemented for the featured agricultural products selected in different parts of the city for the development of green organic planting, breeding and agricultural processing. There have been 80 demonstration parks for green, organic agriculture in Changchun City. 

As the creation of a green, organic agriculture demonstration city moves forward, Changchun has been putting active efforts into market expansion for green, organic agricultural products, with 23 delivery centers and 1,937 franchised business outlets established and online stores opened to promote the online-offline integrated development of the special local agricultural products of Changchun City. In the meantime, marketing channels have been effectively broadened with the help of various exhibitions and promotional activities, and such high-quality regional brands as “Capital City of Rice in China” and “Hometown of Sika Deer in China” have been popularized in the whole country. 

The environmental monitoring area of green organic agriculture in the city has gone up to 5.294 million mu, the number of newly certified fertilizer-free, green, organic and geographical indication agricultural products to 404, which in turn has increased the total number to 801, and the output value of green, organic agriculture to RMB41.6 billion.