Soybean Yield Per Unit Area in Changchun City Hits New Record High

Updated : 2020-10-22Source : CCFAO
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Farming machines were roaring in a field at the Shijuyong Village, Huifa Sub-district of Dehui city, on October 18, 2020. “The yield of soybean has hit a new record high this year!” Bai Jingtao, Director of Agricultural Station of Huifa Sub-district, Dehui City, said with satisfaction when looking at the soybean just harvested.  

The National Soybean Industrial System Changchun Comprehensive Experimental Station was said to have invited 11 experts to Shijuyong Village to examine and test the yield of 37.5 mu high-yield demonstration field for soybean. According to the result, the average yield of soybean per mu is 316.5kg per mu, equivalent to 4747.35kg/hectare, higher than the record of 4,500kg/hectare of Jilin Province. The field has been used for demonstration for 8 consecutive years. The yield has increased from 284kg per mu in 2012 to the new record set by the new variety of great potential for high yield due to its moderate maturity, high density, lodging resistance, strong branching features. Insiders say with technology proved mature the yield of such variety can be duplicated, improved and selected for for planting in the area of moderate maturity in Jilin Province.