Mayor of Ingolstadt Germany Christian Scharpf: Ingolstadt Looks Forward to Deepening Cooperation with Changchun

Updated : 2020-10-16Source : CCFAO
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At the main forum of the 2020 China-Germany Automobile Congress, Christian Scharpf, Mayor of Ingolstadt, Germany, delivered a video speech on October 13, 2020. 

The third edition of the congress was held in Ingolstadt last year. Christian Scharpf said it was a pity that Ingolstadt could not send representatives to join the congress hosted in Changchun this year due to the pandemic, saying, “Over the past decades, China and Germany, Ingolstadt and Changchun have maintained close relations. Although we are in the two places, we can still join the congress through modern communication technology. The speeches and discussions at the forum are very interesting.”

“There is a long history for the cooperation in automobile industry between China and Germany. The congress has become an important platform. This year, the participants have discussed the following topics: How does the supply chain change in the process of globalization? How to realize cross-border cooperation among automobile companies?” said Christian Scharpf.

The automotive industry has long been confronted with major challenges related to new energy as well as digitalization, internet connected vehicle or autonomous driving.

Under such challenges, Ingolstadt established a testing center based on science and technology university, making it a leader in vehicle safety testing in Europe. In line with the European “urban air mobility”, its research and development has been promoted to the third dimension. As a part of Bavaria, Ingolstadt will carry out research and development on artificial intelligence. In addition, Audi has set up a digital and Internet center.

In the video, Christian Scharpf introduced the achievements of Ingolstadt in dealing with the challenges of automobile industry and expressed his hope of deepening cooperation with Changchun City.