Intelligent Plant for J7 to Become “China’s First, World-class” Top-end Intelligent Manufacturing Base

Updated : 2020-09-15Source : CCFAO
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The sale of heavy trucks is the first for four consecutive years, that of medium and heavy truck is the first for three consecutive years, and that of a single brand is the first in the world for two consecutive years. 

In the critical period of fulfilling the goal of “China’s first, world-class supplier of solutions to intelligent transportation”, the construction of a world-class intelligent plant has been accelerated in the place where the brand Jiefang originated, which in turn has added new momentum to this historic journey. 

The intelligent plant of J7, which covers an area of 46,000 square meters, is located inside the FAW No.1 Factory. The construction of this project was started on May 25, 2020. It is expected to be completed within 19 months and will go operational in December 2021. 

The project is a strategic choice of FAW Jiefang Group Co., Ltd. representing proprietary brands to compete with heavyweight manufacturers of commercial vehicles under the circumstances of the development of economic globalization and the historical challenge after the limitation on the proportion of foreign shares for commercial vehicles is lifted in China. It is also a major establishment for FAW Jiefang to expand its exports and an important step taken forward to realize FAW’s “3456” strategic layout. As a pillar for the target of making 500,000 trucks, the project is expected to become another milestone to promote the implementation of Jiefang’s various strategic initiatives. 

The intelligent plant of J7 will realize a full integration between automobile industry and such new infrastructure technology achievements as 5G, industrial internet, big data and cloud computing. The design of the plant is flexible and intelligent, highlighting such outstanding advantages as adjustable process, flexible productivity, variable layout, controllable quality, automatic availability, logistic accessibility, visible production, circular information and intelligent feasibility. 

With world-class manufacturing equipment, advanced technologies and exquisite production visions, and mainstream IT, intelligent visual guidance, production scheduling and 100% paperless manufacturing for the intelligent plant of J7 can be made possible. In addition to meeting the demand of making different models, a space for future expansion and upgrading has also been reserved to lead the development of manufacturing technology for 20 years. Insiders say the plant will focus on handling the painful points and key problems for vehicle manufacturing at home while adopting internationally leading manufacturing and testing technologies and taking advantage of this round of technical upgrading to achieve a leap-forward improvement in product quality.