“Speed of Hongqi” Leads High-quality Development of FAW’s Proprietary Brands

Updated : 2020-09-14Source : CCFAO
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FAW Group, one of the winners of “Top 10 Famous Enterprises” in the evaluation of “Moderately Prosperous in an All-round Way · City of Attractiveness” construction of a modern metropolitan area in Changchun City sponsored by the Publicity of the CPC Changchun Municipal Committee, made another noticeable achievement in selling 21,000 cars in August, up 110% year on year. The number of HS5 sold exceeded 10,000, making it officially listed in the club with a record of 10,000 in a single month. From January to August, 108,500 Hongqi cars were sold, a year-on-year increase of 108%, a typical demonstration of “Speed of Hongqi”. 

As one of the most famous national brands in China, Hongqi has been gradually making breakthroughs in scientific research and development to lead the high-quality development of proprietary brands with advanced technologies and innovative products. 

Inside the Electronic and Electrical Laboratory of FAW Group R&D Headquarters, the designs of heart rate steering wheel, dielectric free holographic image, L3 intelligent driving and HIL simulation testing bed are moving forward as expected. Our reporters tried the heart rate steering wheel. With two hands on the steering wheel, the heart rate can be accurately measured in 15 seconds. This function can ensure to the largest extent the safety of drivers. There are 15,000 kinds of testing conditions for HIL simulation, which can reduce the original testing cycle of 22 months to 8-10 months and thus improve the efficiency of research and development to a great degree. 

In the exhibition area, there are such new innovative technologies and equipment as electric intelligent connected technology platform FME, electronic and electrical technology platform FEEA2.0, high-efficiency dual motor hybrid technology and high-power hydrogen fuel cell engine as well as top-end models such as S9 and intelligent minibus 2.0. These advanced technologies and products have been applied to the models in market or will soon been seen on streets and roads. 

Futuristic design, comfortable driving performance as well as models of diversified visions and increasingly perfect automatic driving technologies…. Under the guidance of FAW Group’s “New Hoqngqi Strategy”, Hongqi has been changing according to the market with new high-end technologies, pattern of products and philosophy of businesses, thereby making the customers “have to love” Hongqi and meanwhile the sales of it increased constantly. 

FAW Group is now building its innovation cluster with cutting-edge professional abilities of making brand new technologies first launched around the world to creating a global research and development pattern for the development of Hongqi in a sound environment. The start of the construction of Intelligent Connected Demonstration Zone is a great initiative taken by FAW Group in collaboration with the government to build Hongqi Green Intelligent Town, deepen cooperation with local enterprises, accelerate the construction of new infrastructure such as 5G, and implement the strategies of a strong country of transportation and innovative development of intelligent vehicles.