“12 Measures” Launched to Facilitate Entrepreneurship and Employment for College Graduates

Updated : 2020-07-27Source : CCFAO
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To promote the implementation of “Measures for College Graduates 2020 to Come (Stay) for Entrepreneurship and Employment in Changchun City, and help the majority of college graduates to understand the content of the policy and apply for incentives accordingly, Changchun City launched the Implementation Rules of Several Measures for College Graduates 2020 to Come (Stay) for Entrepreneurship and Employment of in Changchun City on July 23, 2020. Based on the “12 Measures”, 21 specific aspects of four major items including recruitment, employment and entrepreneurship support, vocational training support and residential and livelihood guarantee are interpreted in details.  


This year, Changchun provides 6,000 employment posts for college graduates as an effort to bring into full play the exemplary and leading role of the party and government organs and public institutions at city, county (city) district and development zone levels in recruiting college graduates for entrepreneurship and employment. 


To the measure that college graduates can apply for living subsidies for up to 12 months, Gao Chen, a eligible candidate, responded with clapping hands, saying, “I knew that this measure could benefit an undergraduate student with RMB400 per month, a master student with RMB600 per month and a doctoral student with RMB800 per month, but I didn’t know where and how to apply to get it. With such process I read today, I found that I could apply immediately. I will do a quick preparation to get subsidized at the earliest possible time so that I can live more comfortably to strive for a better future in this city.” 


The policy for the settlement of college graduates with bachelor’s degree or above has been implemented completely in Changchun City. The data has now been commonly shared by Changchun Municipal Bureau of Public Security and Jilin Provincial Department of Education for internal verification on educational background in the system of population information. Graduates can apply for settlement at the local police stations where they work and live or at the local police stations or household administration authorities of counties (cities) and districts where their family members were registered. According to the implementation rules, for the parents, spouses and children of college graduates who have already registered for settlement, the public security authorities can check their kinship relations through the system of population information to help them get settled accordingly.