Auto Zone, Gongzhuling—Speed up Production, Life and Ecology Integrated Construction of Changchun International Automobile City

Updated : 2020-06-30Source : CCFAO
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Changchun Auto Industry Development Zone and Gongzhuling have started a new round of construction of projects in this summer in the southwest of Changchun City.  


On the two sides of Dongfeng Street, central axis of Changchun International Automobile City, the projects of 5G base stations and intelligent connected vehicle (ICV) testing equipment are moving forward with the optimization of the street. The construction of such strategic projects as hinterland of the automobile city, new energy factory of FAW Red Flag, Xihu Park and Linglong Tires are now in a fast-track process. Along Fumin Road and across Xinkai River, the projects Hengda Cultural Tourism City, Hengda Water World and Jiaye Logistic Distribution of 80,000 vehicles a year are moving forward as scheduled in Gongzhuling.  


Driven by such key projects, Changchun International Automobile City has switched to high gear for construction towards the direction of high-quality development featuring the integration of production, life and ecology. 


The coordinated development of Changchun and Gongzhuling is an important support for Jilin Province’s implementation of “three plates” and spatial layout of “one pillar, six pairs”. On June 28, the competent leader of the city, together with department officials of construction and planning, inspected and joined an on-site office work at Changchun International Automobile City to promote in a coordinated way the planning, settlement and construction of Changchun Auto Industry Development Zone and Changchun International Automobile City of Gongzhuling as an effort to transform at the earliest possible time the dividend of coordinated development of Changchun and Gongzhuling into the vitality for the leading, accelerated development of the region. 


As one of the four plates for the high-quality development of the city, Changchun International Automobile City, with FAW as the bridgehead and Auto Industry Development Zone as the core, has switched to high gear for construction since the beginning of this year. 


——FAW to promote four productivity expansion projects including new energy factory of Red Flag and intelligent production line of Jiefang J7 with a total investment of RMB19.132 billion for an estimated expansion of productivity of up to 750,000 vehicles. 


——Auto Industry Development Zone to promote 165 projects invested with more than 50 million each and RMB 185.17 billion in total of which RMB 17.7 billion planned to be invested in this year.  


——Gongzhuling to invest RMB42.48 billion on 50 “three early” projects each of which is to be invested with more than RMB50 million.