Rail Transit Lines 5 and 7 Planned to Extend to Gongzhuling

Updated : 2020-06-28Source : CCFAO
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After Gongzhuling was put under the governance of Changchun City, Changchun Municipal Bureau of Planning and Natural Resources has actively connected with Gongzhuling, with efforts put into listing the whole space of Gongzhuling into the overall land and space planning of Changchun City, taking Gongzhuling as an important development space for the city, and compiling the overall planning on the state-owned land space and the detailed planning on the key development areas of Gongzhuling to promote in an coordinated way the regional development in “a game of chess” on the same spatial “map”. 


Industrial Development and Spatial Layout 

Supported by Changchun Auto Economic and Technological Industry Development Zone, Chaoyang Economic Development Zone, Xixin Industrial Zone, Gongzhuling Economic Development Zone and Daling Automotive Logistic Economic Development Zone, efforts will be made to make a reasonable division and thus create a pilot area for industrial cooperation. Relying on such transportation channels as Harbin-Dalian Railway and State Highway 102, and in combination with Fanjiatun, the urban area of Gongzhuling and the industrial zone of Lingdong, a belt for coordinated development between Changchun and Siping will be created. Relying on Provincial Highway 105 and Chang-Shen Expressway, Huaide, Daling and other key regions will be prioritized for development to create a belt for coordinated development between Changchun and Shuangliao. 


Infrastructure Interconnection 

The connection of such major streets and roads as Tengfei Road, Fumin Street, Tengfei Road and Silicon Valley Street with Gongzhuling will be facilitated. The extension of rail transit lines 5 and line 7 to Gongzhuling will be promoted. The fast line of rail transit between Gongzhuling and Changchun City will be planned.  


Municipal Infrastructure 

The planning and layout of major municipal infrastructure including water supply, drainage, heating, electricity and natural gas will be coordinated to make a reasonable timetable in line with the reality of regional construction and development. 


Common Constructing and Sharing of Public Service Facilities  

In the region of Dongfeng Street and Xinkai River, a sub-center in the southwest of the city will be planned, and an intensive layout of public service facilities for education, medical care, sport, culture and commerce at city and district levels will be made to serve the sub-center.


Common Management and Protection of Ecological environment 

Comprehensive treatment of Xinkai River will be carried out with water quality, flood control and drainage as the core to build a water network system featuring smooth flow, clean water and green bank and thus create a north-south regional ecological corridor. Gongzhuling is located in the upwind direction of Changchun City. It’s planned to have three wedge-shaped green space reserved within the region as ventilation corridor to optimize the microclimate and reduce the urban heat island effect of the city.