Guilinlu Pedestrian Street to Open on May 20, Coupons Available for Distribution

Updated : 2020-05-20Source : CCFAO
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After two months of optimization, the Guilinlu Pedestrian Street of Chaoyang District will be opened to the public on May 20 this year. The effort made by Chaoyang District is meant to promote consumption with “real gold and silver” for which joint collaboration with China UnionPay Jilin Branch will be made to distribute consumption coupons for nearly a month from May 20.  


Each and every coupon is RMB5, and 40,000 e-coupons will be distributed in total, which can be obtained on the homepage of the Cloud Flash-payment APP of UnionPay. 


The coupons are accepted at the designated food stores along the Guilinlu Pedestrian Street. RMB5 can be deducted out of each and every RMB20 for a consumer from 9:00 to 22:00 of the promotional day.