Sino-Euro Trains “Changchun-Hamburg” of Changchun New Area Start Normal Operation

Updated : 2020-05-19Source : CCFAO
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With the train whistle sounded at the Customs Supervision Site of Changchun New Area, a Sino-Euro train (Changchun-Hamburg) loaded with 70 TEUs of steel coils left for Europe. Insiders say it is the first train arranged after the Sino-Euro Trains started normal operations in Changchun New Area. 


As an important hub connecting with the countries included in “Belt and Road” Initiative, the Sino-Euro Trains (“Changchun-Hamburg) have been strongly supported since the line was opened by Changchun Xinglong Customs which according to the statistics from January to April this year has supervised 656 TEUs of goods including 414 TEUs for imports and 242 TEUs for exports. In terms of the sources of goods, most of the goods transported last year are transit goods and goods from other provinces, while the number of goods of the local enterprises has increased significantly this year, a surge in proportion from 20% to 73%. According to the Administrative Committee of Changchun New Area, the increase of the local sources of goods means that the ability and level of Sino-Euro Trains’ serving the economic development of Jilin Province and driving “Made in Jilin Province” to go global are getting improved gradually, which in turn will help the enterprises in Jilin Province integrate into the chains of global industries and markets. 


Insiders say the dispersion of sources of goods and low efficiency of aggregation of goods are the important factors affecting Sino-Euro Trains’ large-scale development in the past. Therefore, Changchun Customs has established a close liaison mechanism with a number of import and export enterprises, accelerated the speed of aggregation of sources of goods and guided the local enterprises to make full use of the advantages of Jilin Province as a core area in Northeast Asia and those brought about by Chang-Ji-Tu and “Belt and Road” initiatives to “extend out to sea as a group” with other enterprises. In addition to helping the local enterprises with train group transportation, Changchun Xinglong Customs has also explored the mode of “piecing together for transportation” with the railway department, and carried out extra container loading or patchwork with other inland logistic enterprises to integrate the scattered as a whole to improve the transportation capacity of Sino-Euro Trains.