Project Jiuxiang-100 Million Broiler Chicken Industrial Chain Park Signed

Updated : 2020-03-25Source : CCFAO
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As one of this year’s “three early” projects promoted by the Jiutai District, the project Jiuxiang-100 million Broiler Chicken Whole-industrial Chain Processing Park was signed. According to the framework agreement, the investment totals RMB3.38 billion for the construction of 11 subprojects. This is also the biggest one among the four 100-million broiler chicken projects to be invested this year by the poultry enterprises in China.  


The project is located in the Shanghewan Township, Jiutai District. The meat deep processing and cold chain, logistic structures are said to be in the Longjia Sub-district, covering the construction of a feed factory of 500,000 tons, a farm of 500,000 breeders, a hatching station of 100 million chickens, a farm of 100 million chickens, a slaughterhouse of 100 million chickens, a meat deep processing factory of 40,000 tons, an organic fertilizer plant of 200,000 tons, a harmless treatment plant of 10,000 tons of livestock and poultries, a 30-hectare fruit garden, 100 organic vegetable parks and a cold chain, logistic storage house of 50,000 tons of agricultural products. The total area of the project is about 405 hectares, including 40 hectares for construction and 365 hectares for facilities and agriculture. The construction period is predicted to be 5 years. 


“Jiutai District has given us a lot of support in terms of project establishment, land, power and allocation of other resources,” said Wang Shuqiang, President of Jiuxiang Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. of Jilin Dexiang Group, adding, “The project team in Jiutai District has adopted door-to-door service, formality compilation, problem solving and other measures to accelerate the settlement of the project.” 


The Jiuxiang Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Jilin Dexiang Group which has formed a complete industrial chain for agriculture and animal husbandry integrating grain producing, processing and selling, feed processing, chicken breeding, hatching and stocking, broiler chicken recycling, slaughtering and selling.