Municipal Foreign Affairs Office Provided Infection Protective Materials for Foreign Experts and International Students

Updated : 2020-02-06Source : CCFAO
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Since the outbreak of pneumonia caused by the novel coronavirus, acting as the leading unit of external cooperation team for epidemic prevention and control, our office has fully utilized the advantages of foreign affairs resources and actively dealt with foreign affairs work related to pneumonia caused by the novel coronavirus.


Our office has set up work information group for special prevention and control of FAW and universities in Changchun to collect the information of foreign experts in different working units and international students, to supervise the implementation of prevention and control measures, and to report the relevant feedback given by different working units every day.


As per the shortage of protective materials reflected by different working units, leading Party group of our office has specially convened meetings to advocate the strength of each one for material collection since it is deployed and researched. Finally we have collected part materials such as facial masks and disinfection tablets.


Via the summary and statistics on protected materials reported by different working units, our office has provided 2,390 protective facial masks and some disinfection tablets for foreign experts and international students from 14 schools, research institutions and enterprises such as Jilin University, Changchun Institute of Optics, Fine Mechanics and Physics, German School in Changchun, Continental Electronics, and so forth on February 3rd.


Foreign nationals who received materials are very much touched and extend sincere gratitude to Changchun Municipal Government and Changchun Municipal Foreign Affairs Office for having considered their difficulties and provided timely help. At the same time, they also express that they will actively cooperate with the municipal government for epidemic prevention and control work and they are confident in fighting epidemic with citizens of Changchun.