Jilin Mobile Launches 5G Commercial Service

Updated : 2019-11-07Source : CCFAO
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The ceremony for the launch of 5G commercial service “Smart Future, 5G of China Mobile” was held in Changchun City. The officials of communication administration, leaders and employees of China Mobile Group Jilin Company Limited (Jilin Mobile) as well as more than 100 top domestic and foreign partners, terminal manufacturers and agents were invited to the ceremony at which the first 5G’s commercial customer in Jilin Province was granted. 


Jilin Mobile has been thoroughly implementing the strategic deployment of “Network Power, Digital China and Smart Society”. In line with the characteristics of Changchun City, Jilin Mobile has adopted the method of “Daytime Survey, Decision at Night, One Action Plan for One Base Station” to make an accurate plan of investment and construction as an effort to create a quality demonstration zone featuring “Four Ones” a street, a business district, a square and a batch of higher learning institutions. 


By October 31, more than 680 base stations had been opened, accounting for 80% of the total amount of Jilin Province, covering the urban area east to East City Ring Road, west to Eurasia Shopping Center of Feiyue Road, south to South City Ring Road and north to Changchun Railway Station, that is, major streets and roads of the city have basically covered by 5G. Among them, a section of 12 kilometers of Renmin Street has been covered by 5G; in the central business district of Chongqing Road, 1G high-speed download has been made possible; and in such busy areas as Culture Square and a number of key universities, 5G has been made available. It is reported that Jilin Mobile’s base stations account for 80% and its terminal customers account for 90% of the total opened in Jilin Province. So far, nearly 200,000 potential customers have registered for reservation of 5G service.