Changchun’s Kids Win International Awards

Updated : 2019-11-04Source : CCFAO
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The award ceremony for the kids who attended the “International Kids’ Painting Competition in Windsor Canada” was held in Changchun Children’s Palace Wednesday afternoon on October 30, 2019. Ou Shuo, Deputy Director of Changchun Foreign Affairs Office (CCFAO), Du Ying, Deputy Director of Changchun Municipal Bureau of Education, Wang Haiyan, Director of Changchun Children’s Palace were invited to the ceremony. 


At the ceremony, Ou Shuo and Du Ying presented the awards to the winners and their instructors. Geng Hailong, Division Director of Oceanian Affairs of CCFAO, read the letters of congratulations from the mayor of Windsor and his counterpart Liu Xin of Changchun City. 

In the activity, all children created works with exquisite painting skills. The director of Changchun Children’s Palace, representatives of winners and parents delivered speeches. 


It’s been two years in a row that Changchun’s kids have participated and won awards in the exhibition. This year, the theme is “Why I Love My City”. With paintings as the media, the kids made new friends and expressed their feelings, which in turn has to a great extent improved the reputation of Changchun City in North America and other sister cities. In addition to sharing the beautiful sceneries of Changchun City with the kids from all around the world, they have also strengthened self-confidence and improved artistic aesthetics. 


In the future, Changchun will send more kids to participate in such activity to enrich their artistic creation experience.