Pure Electric Vehicles of Golf and Bora Launched

Updated : 2019-11-01Source : CCFAO
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The pure electric vehicles of FAW-VW’s Golf and Bora were officially launched on October 29, 2019. Both Golf and Bora have two pure electric models, priced from RMB147,700 to RMB168,800, and RMB136,800 to RMB146,800, respectively. 


As FAW-VW’s “e-era” pioneers, Golf and Bora’s pure electric models inherit the excellent control performance and the exclusive modeling design of Volkswagen, equipped with advanced “three electric” systems and intelligent configurations. In terms of design style, the two models are more for young customers, showing unique features and technological tastes of German cars, with electric signs installed at both front and rear air intakes. The interior decoration is driver-centered, featuring a strong sense of science and technology with blue atmosphere lamps and IMD moving decorative strips. The intelligent multimedia navigation system has a 8-inch colored touch screen for such functions as real-time road condition, natural voice control, mobile hotspot and mobile Internet. 


What maters for pure electric vehicles is the safety and performance of the “three electric” systems. The engines of Golf and Bora’s pure electric cars are very powerful. The acceleration of 0-50km/h is only 3.4 seconds and 3.45 seconds, respectively. The electric control system is supported by a number of insulation protection measures to ensure the power and driving safety at the same time. In terms of battery, the two models do not blindly pursue greater capacities, but set at 39.8kwh due to a comprehensive consideration of safety, driving experience and user demand. The comprehensive driving mileage is 270km, which can meet the daily demand of consumers.