Fospix: Mark of “Intelligent Manufacturing of Changchun City”

Updated : 2019-09-25Source : CCFAO
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In Changchun City, there is such a national hi-tech enterprise called Jilin Fospix Technology Co., Ltd. that can not only install brains for top-end automobiles but also provide UAVs “smart eyes”. Its self-developed complementary metal oxide semiconductor image sensor chips was said to have been sold to Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other places in China and even to other countries like the United States and India. The company has so far established steady cooperative relations with many famous wafer and packaging factories around the world.  


Inside the office building of Fospix R&D Center in Changchun New Area all technicians are seen busy working in their rooms with bright windows in which only the sounds of clicking keyboards can be heard. “IC is the core of information technology industry. It is a strategic, basic and leading industry that supports the socioeconomic development and guarantees the security of our country,” said the leader of Fospix Yao Hongtao. 


In June 2014, the State Council promulgated the Outline for the Promotion and Development of National Integrated Circuit Industry. It’s been clearly stated that by 2020 the gap in the development of IC industry with internationally leading enterprises will be gradually narrowed, the annual average growth rate of sales of the whole industry will exceed 20%, and the sustainable development abilities of all enterprises involved will be improved to a great extent. By 2030, the major parts of IC chains will get promoted to the internationally advanced level, and a batch of enterprises will achieve leap-forward development and thus become members of the first echelon of the world. After IC industry was listed into the national development planning, Yao Hongtao, with more than 10 years of experience in IC research and development in the Silicon Valley of the United States, resolutely returned home and founded Fospix specialized in the research and development of complementary metal oxide semiconductor image sensor chips as an effort to help facilitate the development of IC industry of the country. Since then, with its own advantages, Fospix has set up R&D centers in Changchun and the Silicon Valley of the United States, and an office in Shenzhen, focusing on the R&D of photosensitive chip products. Today, Fospix has obtained a number of invention patents, layout design and software copyrights, thereby becoming a domestically leading supplier of complementary metal oxide semiconductor image sensor chips. It is also the first high-resolution SOC chip developer in China. In 2018, Fosperk was recognized as a hi-tech enterprise at national level. 


The products of Fospix have now been used in many fields, such as security monitoring, automobile, UAV, smart home, face recognition, optical fiber detection, etc. “With high technology contents and leading R&D capabilities at advanced level, our products have a strong, influential and driving effect on the development of regional industries,” Yao Hongtao said, adding, “We will launch chips for automobiles, smart homes, wearable devices and mobile phones to fill the gap in IC chips of Jilin Province, break the international blockades in this field and thus strive to become a world-class IC designer.”