Changchun Entrepreneurial Park for Overseas Scholars Becomes New “Highland” for Industrial Innovation

Updated : 2019-09-24Source : CCFAO
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There is such an entrepreneurial park called Changchun Entrepreneurial Park for Overseas Scholars in Changchun Hi-tech Industry Development Zone that has attracted 335 high-caliber talents from 23 countries and regions to return and establish 242 hi-tech enterprises including GenSci and Sun Bird with independent intellectual property rights that have cultivated a batch of internationally leading projects covering recombinant human growth hormone and mixed AIDS vaccines, thereby becoming an important base in Changchun City and Jilin Province to usher in high-caliber overseas talents and promote the development of hi-tech industries.  


Since its establishment, Changchun Entrepreneurial Park for Overseas Scholars, the first of its kind in Jilin Province that is specialized serving the returned overseas talents has continuously improved incubation system, optimized service quality and set up first-class entrepreneurial and communication platforms. To ensure all enterprises can enjoy customized and efficient services, the park divides its incubation process into five service stages, namely, project pre-incubation, enterprise pre-incubation, start-up incubation, growth and accelerated development. The effort is meant to have all problems solved efficiently in different stages. At the same time, the policies related to the development of overseas scholars and hi-tech enterprises are released, coordinated and interpreted at earliest possible time. In addition, efforts are put into cooperating with intermediary service institutions such as investment guarantee companies, accounting firms, financial agencies, asset appraisal management companies and property rights trading institutions to support and cultivate a number of key intermediaries to provide necessary social services for all overseas scholars.  


Due to the active recommendations by Changchun Entrepreneurial Park for Overseas Scholars, more than 100 people have won such honors and awards in recent years for the first returned overseas scholars as National Outstanding Individuals, National Outstanding Entrepreneurial Award for Overseas Scholars, National 100-1000-1000 Talent Project, State Council Special Allowance and Outstanding Contribution Experts of Jilin Province. The park has now become the largest comprehensive industrial park in Jilin Province, with the most improved incubation system, the most professional incubation team and the highest degree of congregation of overseas scholars. It has been recognized by the four ministries and commissions as one of the first batch of National Entrepreneurial Demonstration Zones for Overseas Scholars, Entrepreneurial Parks Jointly Constructed by the Ministry of Personnel and Provincial Governments, Key Contact Units of the Office for Overseas Chinese Affairs, and the Overseas Intellectual Work Center of the Chinese Association of Science and Technology. In addition, it has been successively awarded the Advanced Unit of the National Overseas Intellectual Work Center, Entrepreneurial Incubation Base for Overseas Scholars. These achievements show that Changchun Entrepreneurial Park for Overseas Scholars is bringing into play its talent advantages and adding new innovative vitality to the high-quality development of Changchun City.