Production Standard of Changchun City for Rice Processors Launched

Updated : 2019-09-10Source : CCFAO
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The production standard of Changchun City for rice processors was launched for implementation after being ratified on September 1, 2019.  


The standard is applicable to commodity rice processed from paddy, brown rice or semi-finished rice in the administrative region of Changchun City.  


It was made with adjustment of scope of applications and classification of products based on GB/T1354-2018 but improved in such indicators as grading and impurity according to the actual situation of the local rice. Insiders say the effort will lay a solid foundation for improving the quality of Changchun Rice. 


With more stringent indicators for grading, broken rice, processing precision, yellow grain rice and impurity, the standard has to a great extent improved the bottom line of quality for Changchun Rice. As one made for rice processors, the standard is managed for implementation by the Association of Rice of Changchun City.