Dabei Scenic Area Open to Visitors, Tourism in Gear for Revitalizing Rural Areas

Updated : 2019-08-13Source : CCFAO
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The Dabei Scenic Area covers 28 hectares 20 of which is a sea of flowers. There are not only 10 plus kinds of exquisite flowers such as zinnia and spider flower but also exquisite landscape sketches along the boardwalk, surrounded by seats and swings for visitors to rest and play, and a slide down to the sea of flowers. There is also a picking up area totaling 8 hectares of fresh fruits and vegetables. In addition to such facilities as seven-color slide, snack street and children’s playground, a 7.5-kilometer-long natural hiking route covered by green trees, known as a natural green oxygen bar, has been opened inside the scenic area.  


The Dabei Scenic Area has attracted an increasing number of tourists due to its beautification and landscaping efforts. A total of 200,000 people visited the scenic area in 2018. The figure is predicted to reach 300,000 people this year. So far, it has received 100,000 visitors. 


The Jiutai District will bring into full play the publicity effect and driving role of the Dabei Scenic Area, integrate its surrounding resources to develop a pear orchard (1000 mu) in Taoshan Village and a fruit park in Shuangding Village, and thus create a high-quality tourism route. With such mode as a reference and in combination with the construction of a beautiful countryside, several other routes will be created to promote the development of rural tourism industry, help villagers get richer and meanwhile facilitate the revitalization of rural areas with tourism.