“Flying to Space- Aerospace Exhibition in Changchun City” to Open on August 13

Updated : 2019-08-08Source : CCFAO
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The “Flying to Space-China Aerospace Sci-Tech Exhibition in Changchun City”, which is sponsored by the China High-tech Industrialization Research Association and Changchun Daily, and organized by the Exhibition Center for Science Popularization and Education of China Hi-tech Industrialization Research Association and Jilin Tianchang Agricultural Sci-Tech Co., Ltd., will be held at the Eurasia Shopping Center from August 13 to September 14, 2019. The reporters visited the site on August 5 to see and explore the details of the exhibition. 


The preparation for exhibition booths is moving forward in an orderly manner. The two huge exhibition halls have been completed. As the core of this exhibition, all aerospace exhibits will be delivered to Changchun City from Beijing by a professional transport team on August 8. More than 60 exhibits including the launch pagoda, artificial satellite, navigation satellite, lunar probe will debut at the exhibition.  


There are six major exhibition areas, namely, Exhibition Area for the History and Achievements of Aerospace Industry of China, Exhibition Area for the Outstanding Scientist Qian Xuesen and Heroes of the Two Bombs and One Satellite, Exhibition Area for Astronaut Simulation Training and Experience, Exhibition Area for VR Simulation System Experience, Exhibition Area for Space Agriculture Breeding Achievements, and Exhibition Area for Real Space Objects. 


In addition, the Tiangong-1 and Shenzhou Spacecraft Interactive Experience Capsule, and Tiangong-1 and Shenzhou Spacecraft Docking Simulation Capsule are said to be set up at the Exhibition Area for Astronaut Simulation Training and Experience. The models are made in line with 1:1 ratio, which will be working with special space VR films and acousto-optic effects to create a sense of participation and an immersive feeling of interaction. The Tiangong-1 and Shenzhou Spacecraft and Orbital Capsule are also 1:1 models, with VR cinemas. By means of teaching in a way of VR and 9D multimedia interaction, the visitors can know more about aerospace knowledge while having fun in the process of exploring and experiencing.