HS7 to Go on Market on July 12

Updated : 2019-07-12Source : CCFAO
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The Changchun International Automotive Culture Festival and 1st Hong Qi Carnival will be held in Changchun City from July 11 to 17, 2019. During the time, the latest model of SUV HS7 is officially launched on July 12. 


As another model of SUV after HS5 that has attracted much attention of the public, HS5 covers such features as S-Concept, big size waterfall-style chrome-plated front grille, large area of red color-based decoration, and front headlights on both sides integrated into the C-shaped daytime driving lamp band. For the interior decoration, a kind of “three-screen” design is adopted, covering such a big central console that is very atmospheric, and equipped with top-end electronic equipment for gear, braking and parking. It is powered by a 3.0SC V6 turbocharged engine, with a maximum horsepower of 337. 


In addition to new car models, other highlights including Opening Day, HS7 Media Day, Summit Forum on Spare parts will make the event a big difference.