Construction of Public Fitness Center to be Completed in August

Updated : 2019-07-09Source : CCFAO
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According to the information released by the Changchun Olympic Park, the Public Fitness Center, which is defined as the most “down-to-earth” project, will be completed in August this year. The “One Stadium, Three Gymnasiums” of Changchun Olympic Park will then be opened one after another to the public through the intervention of operating companies. 


The Changchun Olympic Park is located inside the Beihu Sci-Tech Development Zone in Changchun New Area, covering an area of 527,600 square meters. It integrates such functions as athletic training, sport training, fitness and entertainment, leisure tourism and business exhibition that can meet the needs of domestically ordinary big competitions. 


Located in the southeast of Changchun Olympic Park, the Public Fitness Center covers a land area of 7,500 square meters and a construction area of 35,900 square meters. The main body of the center has four floors. There are 18 standard badminton courts in the central area of the first floor. On the eastern side, there is a gymnasium. The kitchen and restaurant are on the western side. The bowling alley and activity room are in the north, and the shop in the south. The central area on the second floor is used as a badminton court. There is a table tennis hall in the east, a comprehensive activity center in the west, a non-standard runway in the south, a multi-functional activity center in the south, and a field and track warm-up area in the north. On the third floor, the central area is used for five standard badminton courts. The eastern side is a comprehensive dance hall, the southern side is a comprehensive activity center for gymnastics, and the northern side is a martial arts center. On the fourth floor, the central area is a tennis court, the eastern side is a squash court, the southern side is a comprehensive activity center, and the northern side covers a billiards center, a martial art center, and a yoga center. The civil work for the public fitness center has now been completed and the whole construction is scheduled to be finished in August this year.