The Third Strawberry Cultural Tourism Season Kicks Off in Helong Town

Updated : 2024-04-15Source :
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Recently, the Third Strawberry Cultural Tourism Season officially kicked off at the Chenjiadian Ecological Park in Helong Town, Nong'an County, with the theme "Fostering Agriculture-Culture-Tourism Integration, Embracing the Sweet Life". Various activities like strawberry picking, promotion by strawberry greenhouse owners, strawberry competitions, creative baking, and parent-child study tours have attracted numerous visitors, further expanding the brand influence of the strawberry industry in Helong Town.
The highlight of this year's Strawberry Cultural Tourism Season is strawberry picking. Currently, in the Chenjiadian Village Strawberry Picking Garden in Helong Town, more than 40 greenhouses are filled with ripe strawberries. Visitors, attracted by its fame, linger among the strawberries with baskets in hand, picking and tasting the fresh sweetness of early spring while enjoying the sights. "It's only a 30-minute drive from downtown Changchun. Coming here not only allows us to get close to nature but also to pick fresh and delicious strawberries," said Guo Yue, a Changchun resident who is immersed in the joy of strawberry picking. Today, she even learned how to make strawberry jam and handicrafts, unexpectedly gaining an extra dose of joy!
The Chenjiadian Village Strawberry Picking Garden now covers an area of 34 mu. It produces around 100,000 kilograms of strawberries annually, with an output value of approximately RMB 3 million.